5 logo trends for 2017 you need to know about

We’ve aforementioned it before and we’ll say it again: no one thinks sensible style is concerning repeating others. But nor will sensible style exist in an exceedingly vacuum. thus it’s sensible to understand what reasonably branding alternative designers are making right now; whether or not it evokes you to follow within their footsteps or run screaming in the other way.

In this post, we’ve gathered along a number of the largest current trends in custom logo design. None of them are notably new or revolutionary, and you’ll recognize some from trends lists past. However they’re all still much good at the instant, and appear seemingly to still be prestigious for a minimum of following twelve months.

Cartoon-style Logos

There’s been a marked rise within the quality of hand-drawn writing recently, and that’s additionally influenced a connected trend for cartoon-esque logos. Maybe all that sleek minimal art we’ve been seeing in logo land has broken us, and we’re another time looking for the comfort of 70s and 80s children’s TV writing.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes have long been a preferred style part, however it takes plenty of ability to induce their use right. Lately, more and more designers are succeeding.


The move towards simplification of existing logos has been a trend for several years currently. And it’s one that’s noticeably continued into 2017.

This brand trend is part concerning aesthetics, however it’s also concerning creating your logo scalable at tiny sizes. And with technical school trends like smartwatches and different wearables continued speedily, it’s unlikely to travel away anytime presently.

Brighter Colors

In recent months, we’ve noticed more and more brands mistreatment color to decorate up existing logos, adding new hues to shake up existing palettes in obvious ways in which.

Typographical Trickery

Designers have continuously delighted in incorporating very little visual tricks and hidden messages into their logos, like the celebrated use of negative house in logos by Fed Ex and Toblerone. And recently, we’ve seen this approach turning into common another time.


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