6 Essential Logo Design Tips for Nonprofits

Logos identify. Colors, fonts, shapes, and visual graphics are infused along to produce an attention grabbing and unforgettable image. A professional logo design ought to be easy in kind and effectively illustrate a conception or which means. It should be sensible nonetheless original, and easily convertible across a range of platforms. In short, a logo ought to have a nice conception and exceptional execution. Seems easy, right? However, creating a brand will be misleadingly arduous to urge right. Here at Elevation, we’ve put along a list of half dozen basic tips to assist guide you thru the logo design method.

Every nonprofit brings a unique element to an important cause, so what’s yours?

When describing your non-profit-making, be specific. Even if the cause you support are some things broad like education, the environment, or hunger, it’s important to show however your non-profit-making adds a novel component to the cause. Then, try and cut that description right down to 2 words. Choose the 2 most correct and powerful words that replicate your organization. Examples could be: youth management or earthquake relief. The purpose of constructing a two-word description is in order that after you start throwing around brand concepts, you will be wondering the foremost necessary a part of your non-profit-making that you just wish to showcase. Graphic images, color palettes, and typography will follow once you’ve narrowed down the focus of your organization.

Is your logo memorable?

Entrepreneur Magazine’s prime branding knowledgeable, John Williams, thinks he has the answer. He writes, “If you can’t look at a logo for fewer than ten seconds and re-draw it with tight accuracy, it’s probably too advanced to be simply remembered.” Think concerning a number of the foremost painting nonprofits within the world like WWF and charity: water. Could you apply Williams’ check to these? In all probability. These logo styles use a balance between originality and simplicity.

How to use color

Before jumping into color choice, first raise yourself this, what are the most vital qualities of your nonprofit? Are you specializing in rising education standards in high risk neighborhoods, providing immediate relief to communities suffering from natural disasters, or supporting minority populations in your community? It’s a well-known marketing strategy that colors spark emotions and associations within our brain, and depending on the aim of your non-profit-making, your color palette should replicate that.

Putting aside whether or not or not you acknowledge the organization associated with this logo, what can you instantly infer from the color choice? Your initial assumption may well be that this organization focuses on the setting since they used two muted and funky colors, blue and green. Green is usually related to recent energy and nature, while blue is connected to water and the sky.

What will it look like in 5 years?

What about ten years? Or even twenty years? Trends return and go and whereas it’s vital for a company to use recent and up-to-date ways to have interaction their audience, when considering a logo, longevity is key. For instance, have you heard regarding the new flat design trend? Flat design focuses on minimalist principles during a two dimensional kind.

Can it be simplified?

Simplicity is the ultimate guideline of logo design. Clear lines, minimal detail, limited colors, and consistent typography should facilitate your audience perceive your noncommercial, not confuse them. Furthermore, you may assume each detail of your noncommercial ought to be enclosed within the style, but the best noncommercial logos within the world are straightforward inside. This may appear counter-intuitive in our more and more competitive world, but in order to make an excellent logo, simplicity is key.


Designing a logo takes time and thought. It should build a nice initial impression, engage your audience, and capture the essence of your cause.



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