Logo Design Trends for 2017

One thing that’s invariably sure in the style world is that there’s ne’er an uninteresting moment. Trends are invariably being born and coming back and going; typically, trying to keep up with all of the changes in style will virtually build your head spin.

As we shut out 2016 and look to succeeding year with anticipation of what awaits, I thought of focusing my sights on one, major area of design: the brand. Whether it’s for complete recognition, instant communicability, or simply visual attractiveness, logos impact our daily lives in numerous ways in which.

When browsing the grocery store for food and drink, your eyes naturally settle on the logos on the merchandise packages of varied brands. When you’re trying at magazine covers on a stand, deciding on which one to select up and scrutinize, each magazine’s brand is what stands out to you and helps you create a quicker choice as a result of it already communicates complete identity.

Keep your eyes peeled for these customized logo design trends in 2017.


Logo design has already started to get lots cleaner in presentation, and this trend is only aiming to continue with a lot of haste in 2017. Don’t believe me? Just look at what MasterCard did with its much-vaunted, 20-year logo not too long past.

For the past couple of decades, this brand used combination mark with the text, “MasterCard,” appearing within of the red and yellow circles. Where the circles interlocked, there were red and yellows lines.


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