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Olympics is an event that creates countless opportunities for everyone. Not only that sports persons show off their spectacular talent, but also designers’ dreams also come true. From creating logos to mascots, tickets to medals for every game; they have played a vital role in everything.

The Olympics committee outsourced Brazil’s Tátil Design de Ideias to design the Rio 2016 logo. Fred Gelli (founder of the agency) and his team ended up on final product after 150 logotypes. However the logo had to comprise more than technical aspects, the company worked really hard and synthesized so much in one logo. Even so, you can find some interesting facts about the bespoke logo of Rio 2016.


The design maps the curves of mountains in Rio:

To add Carioca element in the custom logo, Gelli took the inspiration from the curves of mountains while swimming in the Ipanema Beach. Particularly, it goes without saying that landscapes of Sugarloaf Mountain are central on the harmonizing logo. It shapes 3 people holding hands, which means more than the culture, history, and geography of Rio. Its three colors also represent the nature and easygoing ways of Brazilians. One thing that makes it separate from the previous Olympics logos is its 3 Dimensions.

The emblem says “Rio”:

Once the designer got the final logo, many people observed the word “Rio” in it. Unintentionally, it happened. According to Gelli, they tried to identify the soul before finding color, texture, shape or any other thing for it, which they succeeded to some extent. The dancing people in the logo take up the letter forms of “Rio” at certain angles.

Some resources entitle it as ‘Logo for major international sporting event’. Unlike prior logos, it is the one that the world not only accepted but loved.

The three forces united the nation:

As Olympics took place in Rio, it comes to a great responsibility to the city, as well as to the country to show a positive image to the world. People also interpreted the logo as three forces- the people, the company, and the politician sharing a huge hug to change the country. In a certain way, the big hug ensued to progressive changes in the country.


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